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* Honour Bright *

I delight in making ideas come alive.  My heart fills with joy when I bring a smile to someone's face and watching them light up with wonder.  My spirit soars when I connect community in new activities, exploring different ways of moving and being.  I am excited and inspired to use art to provoke new ideas and conversations.


I believe that art and performance are triumphs of the human spirit in challenging times and use them as activities for social exploration, harnessing their power to arouse feelings of curiosity, wonderment, and joy.  Enchanted with the power of the natural world, my performances combine the elements of earth, wind, fire, and water to create something magical for your enjoyment. 

Would you like to develop new ways to move?  Would you like to bring something special to your next party or event?  Do you have a desire to delve into myth, symbolism, and stories?  Are you excited by the opportunity to  explore and create new worlds through imagination and play?  I invite you to share your dreams so we can make them a reality. 

It is known that a single spark can ignite a fire and with that knowledge, Brilliant Experience was forged. Fueling your passion and liberating your spirit,  I offer you permission to play and awaken your wild and joyful self.

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