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Finding the Light

Project Type

Performance Art, Fringe Festival: theatre, circus, dance, comedy, video, music, and puppetry


August 2023


Tom Rooney Theatre, Udderfestival, Prince Rupert

A metaphorical piece of art that is part personal reflection, part social commentary. Exploring what it means to become yourself, to step into your power, to retreat into yourself, to be reborn, to shed the burden of expectation that others have of us. Exploring real and imaginary battles that we are faced with.

Fìor explores the transformative power of dreams as she overcomes obstacles in her quest to share her insights on persisting through dark times.

The show is a sensory delight complete with music, dancing, projections, mastery of illuminated props, puppetry, battles, props, set, and costumes.

The show will make you laugh, make you cry, make you wonder, and give you hope.

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