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Phoenix is the Bella Donna of the night.  Experiencing metaphorical death, ego death and reveling in le petit morte, she will entice you to explore your darkness as she illuminates the way. 
From the mortal realm, Phoenix rises again from the sacred fired of Beltane in a ritualistic coronation embracing their true divinity in a manifestation of destiny. She will ignite your passions and bring the heat.

Bringing together Indigenous drag, burlesque, and gender mentors with Northern LGBQT2S+ folks and Indigenous folks, participants create a unique performance video to share at the Quick n' Dirty Cabaret. Mentors assess the skill level of participants coming into the residency, then work in a collaborative manner to create a unique mentorship plan, assist with finding artistic direction, and provide encouragement along the way to a completed video.

I created a digital art submission under the mentorship of Gin St. Syn.

Trying to explore my art through questioning gender norms, power, and death/ rebirth with an exciting coronation to celebrate the kings and queens of drag.

Fueling your passion and liberating your spirit, Fior offers you permission to play and awaken your wild and joyful self. This is Fior’s first official burlesque/ drag experimentation.

Meet Scarlet Fever and Emberson <3

Project Type

Virtual Cabaret, photography, drag, burlesque, dance, fire, performance art


April/ May 2023


Virtual show from Gwaandak Theatre, White Horse, Yukon, projected from the traditional territory of Kwanlin Dün First Nation and Ta’an Kwäch'än Council
Viewing party at Brilliant Experience Studio, Prince Rupert, BC, the traditional unceded Ts'msyen Territory

Quick and Dirty Cabaret

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